"The moment you finally stop looking for the magic in your life and realize that it’s inside you, a MindSeed has sprouted!"

Carol and I first conceived of the MindSeed Cafe with the idea of making a difference. As we first observed the Occupy Wall Street movement beginning, the message we heard was that the American Dream was dying and the opportunities to rise and be part of the 1% were dwindling. Around us we saw jobs being off shored and the standard of living declining. The solution we sensed was for the people most affected to find a niche and initiate a self sustaining business solution to resolve the nearest problem they felt affected by.

Our hope in starting MindSeed Cafe is to inspire people to create alternatives to the established ways of doing business that motivate innovation at a personal level. Hopefully we can plant a seed in your mind that will grow and all those around you can bask in the shade of your dream. Help us create a platform for empowering your personal solution!

If you're an entrepreneur or someone motivated to start a business, we're here for you. Let us know what we can add to this site to help you be more successful. We'll grow together and share our experiences and ideas. 

"A MindSeed is an inspirational idea that makes us think about something in a way we hadn’t previously considered!"  Richard Sheak